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Southern Cross Demolition P/L has an extensive fleet of road transportable barges that can be interlocked to provide multiple barge configurations. Based on the configuration, our barges have a load rating from 20 to 250 tonne which will meet the requirements of most of your marine or waterfront projects.

Barges can be hired out on a Dry Hire (Bareboat) or Wet Hire basis, Australia wide.

Our barges are regularly maintained and can be used for some of the following applications:

  • Bridge, Jetty, Wharf - Construction, demolition, maintenance and repairs
  • Excavator and crane operations
  • Drill rig platform
  • Wiresaw platform Dredging projects                                                                                                         
  • Pile driving and pile removal applications
  • Commercial Dive platform
  • Debris/Rubble collection
  • Floating entertainment stage
  • River fireworks and water fountain platforms

Camden Haven Bridge Pier Demolition - Mobilsation of road transportable pontoons